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Hi anybody have any Bruce related Podcast recommendations, there are some great Dylan and Beatle related ones out there but I wondered if anybody could recommend any Bruce ones  I know about None but the Brave, but what others are worth listening to 


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Welcome to the Lake! One of the major Springsteen events this year is the 'From My Home to Yours' podcast on Sirius XM. They are well worth searching out. So far in all  15 episodes, he hasn’t just played an assortment of musical gems — from his own catalog, from artists you knew he admired, and from artists you couldn’t have imagined he was even aware of — but has conveyed some deep thoughts about the times we’re living through, and shared some great stories from his past. Backstreets news and NJ Arts have very detailed transcriptions available too. Here a some snippets: Bruce Springsteen on SiriusXM


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1 hour ago, cartesr said:

brilliant thanks for  the replies and  for the information I sort of knew about from my home to yours as the beeb broadcast a shortened version of it but I didn't  think I could get it in the UK 

You can download the episodes on Brucebase, and also the Letter To You Radio sets.


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