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Just for Daisy.........but don't bank on this on SNL at the w/end!

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10 hours ago, BruceWho said:

That should read GANG not gand!  I'm thinking Daisy hasn't been on here in the past 20 hours! ha!  


Lot to catch up on

Had really sore eyes - a sty from not sleeping then the worst hayfevor (i shell spair the details but my eyes were practically glued shut 


Thanks for thinking of me

Love this

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On 12/12/2020 at 3:38 AM, BruceWho said:

Although you "might" get the second song!!?  18 years ago today!!!!! Jeez! - the whole gand there fit and well :




That kitty waa awsome !!!

I had not seen this before

Thank you

Lots of camera time for Danny !!!

And C looked great

Everyone looked soooooo young !

And just to prove im not the Grinch i watched the 2nd one too !

Not much room on that stage for social distancing but a few less people this year


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