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Darkness boxset announced


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Eight of the finest performances from Bruce Springsteen's 1978 tour are now available in a limited, collectible box set. This 24-CD set contains all five of the legendary radio broadcasts on the Darkness tour: The Roxy in LA , The Agora in Cleveland, The Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ, Fox Theatre in Atlanta and Winterland in San Francisco. Rounding out the collection are the second shows in Passaic and San Francisco, plus the December 8 show in Houston, Texas. A limited number of empty boxes are also available to hold previously purchased CDs.


Source http://live.brucespringsteen.net



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6 minutes ago, borntorunsean said:

That must be them done with 78 from the archive. Hefty price 

I am still hoping for the 3rd Capitol show and if you look good it says volume 1. So we can probably expect more 78 shows 

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Unless they have put a bit more effort into the physical CD package then I can’t see me spending that much on this, sadly. 

The volume 1 thing is really interesting, though - surely there’s not another 8 releases from 1978 just waiting there?

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6 minutes ago, E Street nation said:

Well I have the 1973-85 cd box which says volume 1 but a volume 2 has never been spoken about 

It has been more than spoken about - but only in Japan!!


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1 hour ago, Promise61 said:

Blimey. How much repetition is there across that box?

I guess it was a rhetorical question, but I was bored, so here you go:

All 8 shows

Born to run
Spirit in the night
Darkness on the edge of town
The promised land
Prove it all night
Thunder road
Rosalita (come out tonight)
Because the night

7 shows

She's the one*
Candy's room
Point blank
Racing in the street

6 shows

Independence day
Tenth avenue freeze-out
Detroit medley

5 shows

Raise your hand
Santa Claus is coming to town

3 shows

It's hard to be a saint in the city
Twist and shout
Quarter to three
Streets of fire
Good rockin' tonight
The Fever

2 shows

Paradise by the "C"
Growin' up
4th of July, Asbury park (Sandy)
Kitty's back
The ties that bind

1 show

For you
Adam raised a cain
Heartbreak hotel
Rave on
Summertime blues
Sherry darling
Meeting across the river
Incident on 57th street
It's my life
Night train
You can't sit down

*: once with Mona, 3 times with Mona-Preacher's daughter, once with Not fade away and twice with Not fade away-Gloria

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1 hour ago, Jertucky said:

I know I’m in the deep minority here but I don’t particularly like to listen to the live stuff. Seeing him live is a whole different experience but listening, I’d much rather hear the studio stuff.

I'm kind of the same, or I do (really) enjoy listening to live stuff when I hear it, but I usually don't feel the need to seek it out myself except for trivia purposes. I do enjoy watching live clips though, but yeah, I rarely if ever listen to full shows.

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