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Concussion and (oval ball) football

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Why are people surprised with this ?

It's not rocket science 

I remember my cousin 2 or 3 years younger than me getting concussed as a 7 year old way back in the '70's

After it happened again the doc said no more rugby

It was a shock because he loved rugby and his Dad had played for Otago but we all understod and no one wanted him to get a brain injury

He had to wear a bike helmet long before the law made the rest of us 


(Sometimes rugby players do really dumb things - from club players all the way up to current internationals- got to wonder if the game has damaged their noggin ?)

Now im not knocking rugby or for that matter American football - but its like being a jokey - if you fall off the horse you may get very baddly hurt with life long implications 

Now a child and maybe a teenager might not realize this - but a proffesional athlete should, mum and dad should

My 7 year old cousin certainly understood as did we, the other kids in the family

Right now this is making a lot of noise

There are a ton of news articles about this

Ruby union


Rugby league 


And of course its been a hot topic in American football too 

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17 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

I love American Football, but if I had a son, or if I ever have a grandson, there is no way in hell I would allow my son to play. And greatly discourage my daughter in letting a grandson to play.  

And your guys have helmets 

We have these 




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