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Genesis being optimistic..

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Do they still exist? And still able to reach the stage by climbing the stairs and not with use of an elevator?

(Well aware on other artists's forums (like, for instance, a Genesis fan forum) people could-would make the same sort of jokes about Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band).

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26 minutes ago, MacBruce said:

Announced a big UK tour today for September/October 2021.

Genesis?? OMG :blink: I thought they were put in the garage for permanent storage 10 yrs ago. I thought Collins couldn't play anymore because of a nerve injury.

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If they could get Peter Gabriel back for a show consisting of The Lamb Lie Down On Broadway album with Supper's Ready as an encore, I would travel and pay big bucks for this.  Otherwise, could not be bothered.

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These are rescheduled dates, they should have been Dec 2020, they moved to April 2021 and they have just moved them again, optimistically I agree.

I know as I got tickets for my (much) elder sister and her mates to go.  They “sold out” pretty quick I think.

I think Phil’s son is playing drums. 

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