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Your Favorite Outtake From Each Album ?

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What’s your favorite outtake from each album?


Here’s mine:


Greetings : Jesse (1)

Wild & Innocent: Seaside Bar Song

Born To Run: Thunder Road (Acoustic) (2)

Darkness: Get That Feeling

The River: Take Em’ As They Come

Nebraska: The Big Payback

Born In The USA: Murder Incorporated

Tunnel Of Love: The Wish

Human Touch: 30 Days Out

The Rising: Down In The Hole

Magic/Working On A Dream: Heaven’s Wall (3)


(1)  : Bruce recorded many songs during the Greetings era. I don’t know which ones were recorded for the album. Jesse is my favorite from that era.

(2)  : It’s an alternate version, not an outtake. I’m not a big fan of the very few known outtakes from this album.

(3)  : Not sure if it was recorded for Magic or Working On A Dream

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If they've been released eventually I don't class them as 'outtakes' anymore.  But that's me.  Ever contrary.

All eyes on the unreleased outtakes, hoping we get some more stuff from the vault pretty soon. 

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