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The Middle... Bruce in a Superbowl commercial

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8 hours ago, Jertucky said:

It’s almost a Bruce message sponsored by Jeep....... almost. But it absolutely is a Jeep commercial. And the message is not believable coming from him. He has no desire for this country to be in the middle. He’s made that clear.

For the record, I don’t care that he sells (or allows) his stuff or himself to be used for commercial uses. I do get a kick out of people rationalizing it as not what it is though. He’s just a guy, like every other guy.

Anyone else old enough to remember Bruce fans on this board ridiculing other artists for selling out?  

I am.

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33 minutes ago, rtb said:

Anyone else old enough to remember Bruce fans on this board ridiculing other artists for selling out?  

I am.

I thought about this when i went to bed last night

I thought about it for so long it cut into the time usually reserved for dreaming about Electric Nebraska 

I thought about being younger and when everything seemed so black and white

I was so principled and opinionated

But them life happens

And things get complicated and black and white becomes kinda grey looking as we try to live with those lofty ideas and principles as our circumstances and our priorities and even our outlook changes as we experience life every day 

None of us is still who we were in 1985 


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Just now, zzcoolness said:

I love meringues!

Grandma's easy fail safe recepie

In one very dry clean bowl whip to stiff shinny peaks (its too hard by hand but at a push an electric hand beater will do it but it takes ages)

4 egg whites 

8 tablespoons ordinary white or caster sugar 

A teapoon of viniger (you won't taste it)

A slug of vinnila - i mean teaspoon

Pinch of salt (i never add that)

A tablespoon of boiling water 

Beat it all up together 

We never add cornflour (cornstarch ) in our family because us kids like it crunchy not mashmellowy but you can add a couple of teaspoons (i wouldn't)

Pile the mix onto baking paper on an oven tray

Don't flatten - think of a mountain kind of shape with a few odd peaks

Cook at 130 degrees C for 1 hour 

Reduce oven to 100 degreess C for another two hours

My mum would then turn the oven off and go to bed leaving the pav to cool with the oven but if you want it not quite so dry take it out to cool 

When cold smoother in whipped cream all over then decorate with any kind of fruit you'r heart desires - kiwi fruit is always pretty

From tinned peaches or  fruit salad or pinnaple and sliced banana  in the winter to any combo of berries, passonfruit, pomegranate in the summer

Nuts and chocolate  are good additions

Its not ment to be fancy, but its easy to make it look fancy 

Its just comfort food at its best

Now don't be scroogy on the portion sizes

4 servings from this size is not greedy ! 


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Jeep must spent all their money on the private jet and so they have one of the cheap spots when everyone on i95 has gone to bed

we have already ads for local news anchors and zaxbys chicken:(, it’s all downhill to the local plumbers ads...

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1 minute ago, redwire said:

An "important message" by a musician means music, lyrics, performances, interviews, even PSAs and tweets, not getting truckloads of money to advertise a fuckin car made by a big fuckin corporation.


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23 minutes ago, JimCT said:

IMO it was an ad "by" Jeep, carrying a message that Bruce has advanced by years. It definitely wasn't an ad "for" Jeep.

If you see if differently after watching it, I cannot explain that.

Jeep gets nothing out of this?  Seriously?

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