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Updated Report: DWI and Reckless Driving Charges Dismissed - lack of evidence (p 34)

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The comments on Instagram etc. A lot of hypocrites are having a field day with this piece of news... Some of these people found a great leader in a person who mocked a disabled person and who said he could get away with shooting someone on the street - but suddenly Springsteen is the worst person they've heard of. <_<

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9 minutes ago, the imposter said:

This must be like the best day ever for you, man...


I have fun with his foibles and bad decisions mainly because of his deification by some on here (or were here), but I take no satisfaction in him being arrested for something as serious as drink driving.

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54 minutes ago, Eileen said:

We've been yelling at you to wake up for ages! :D

....Gary is reading the news

He hasn't seen it yet ....

You know i have seen someone get gorilla glue in their hair.

It was a who worked in the admin part of  inwards goods, i don't remenber how it happened but the can exploded and she has beautiful long hair

I rang the NZ distributer for help

No one laughed, it happens more than you think

I think i was involved because i was on the H&S committee, i can't remember

I think they just recommended a particular solvent and we got it out

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7 minutes ago, borntorunsean said:

So? He's a rocker. Can do whatever he wants. Brooooccceeee. 

I worked with somebody whose mother was killed by a drunk driver.

It’s not funny. Nobody gets a pass on this. Nobody. 

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I am sad and disappointed that this has happened, and I'm afraid I am not entirely surprised. I am guessing the general public will find something else to focus on within a few weeks.

Drunk driving is sadly not so uncommon, and drunk driving is bad. We know Bruce likes to drive and we know he likes to drink. I've wondered for a while whether he perhaps drinks more than he should. I hope he gets the help he needs. I'm glad this didn't involve an accident where anyone was hurt.

I also recognize that this touches a personal nerve for many of us for reasons beyond the fact that we're big fans of his. Some of us drink more than we should, some of us have stopped drinking, some of us may have driven when we shouldn't have, some of us have had our lives or those of loved ones derailed by alcohol and by drunken drivers. 

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49 minutes ago, Daisey Jeep said:

We have our old neighbours visiting tomorrow - i was looking forward to it

I hope my sister doesnt text me about it 

Sure mine will, and work in the morning.

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We had a freind's wife, very smart calculating kind of person

She had a extra glase of wine with lunch 

When the cop stopped her, She was over 

She immediately rang her lawyer 

As she was only just over he advised her to go back to the cop shop for a blood test 

And sure enough by the time she had that done her level had droped to a legal level

She knew she had had a lucky escape, but the first thing she did was ring her children to tell them how stupid she wss and to learn from Mum's mistake

Its going to be interesting hearing Gary's reaction because back in the 89s he only got off a drink driving charge because the cop made a clerical error

Nodays with the lowered limit Gary just don't even risk having one, Even just one on xmas with a huge meal

Its just not worth the risk

I doubt Bruce has a drinking problem (but what do any of us really know)

He made possibly a questionable descion




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  • JoanFontaine changed the title to Updated Report: DWI and Reckless Driving Charges Dismissed - lack of evidence (p 34)

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