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Something In the Night 2021

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I'm riding out to Sandy Hook, figuring I'll get a drink,

I take a stop by the liquor store, so I don't have to think,

I open up the bottle, looking for a moment when the world seems right,

And I tear into Patron,

Tequila in daylight.


I was born with nothing, and I'm a self-made millionaire,

Soon as i had my first swig,I knew, man I'm getting wrecked here,

You can ride this road and park, without ever being seen in sight,

Just getting wasted on,

Tequila in the daylight.


Nothing is forgotten or forgiven,not even Lucky Town,

so when you're asked to walk some steps, i was just dumbfound

When some fans asked for a photo, and i just had to have another shot,

They were having such a good laugh, and one more could not hurt,

I then tried to pull off in secret, And get away without getting caught,

But they caught me on my bike, Stinking of booze and feeling contrite

tequila in daylight.

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