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The Official February 24th Part 18 Bruce’s farm SiriusXM SetlistVision thread

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I'm trying to pick up where I left off, but I'm only allowed to skip so many tracks. Guess what I have to listen to again?

Bloody Jay Z & Kanye West, that's who :angry:

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2 hours ago, Born To Walk said:

I'll try and finish this off later.

Springsteen further defined the theme as “the rebirth of all things good, the essentialness of new transformations and good times in your life, and the nurturing of your spirit.” He didn’t talk much, but played music by himself as well the Staple Singers (from whose song he took the title of this show) and more, and read a poem by Ciel Sainte-Marie.


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2 minutes ago, Born To Walk said:

And finally


Whaaaaat, wait a minute, Great Balls of fire? What have that to do with the 'New Born Soul' theme? Searchin through the dust, looking for a sign:

What's the origin of the phrase 'Great balls of fire'?

"Great balls of fire' originated as an expression in the southern states of the USA, around 1850. It derives from the many biblical references to the presence of God being indicated by a fire. This might be the numerous references to a 'pillar of fire', for example, in Exodus 14:24:

During the last watch of the night the Lord looked down from the pillar of fire and cloud at the Egyptian army and threw it into confusion"

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44 minutes ago, Born To Walk said:

Yes, thanks. Had to go and collect mum after an appointment. Everything's fine.


I thought it must have been an emergency like your faviurite flavour hobnobs had been discontinued and you had to rush out and hoard :lol:

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10 minutes ago, USAman said:

Hi im in the uk - are these available for download catch up?

Sorry if this has been asked already

They're all available for catch up on E Street Radio.

You can get it in the UK for free in an incognito browser or by clearing Sirius cookies.

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#19 coming this Wednesday tomorrow? Short notice. I believe it's called something like "Fans and Bands" 

Just heard it coming back to the office. 

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