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Is BTX not working?

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To all BXT refugees 

We welcome you 

You know we are really nice here 

And a big hello to returning Greasy Lakers 



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14 minutes ago, AMIW said:

Mikey must be in charge ,,,,

Mike is only the cover up.

Mike is only used by Ning as her weapon of mass destruction.

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I know another completly unrelated website* that has been done durring the same time frame and i wonder if they are on the same 'thingy' ? 

*louptroope (its an American message board for buying and selling jewlwey and loose stones)

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30 minutes ago, Gretsch Country Gentleman said:

I'm not really across all these technical terms.  Where do I find this on my computer?????

Ning knows 


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1 hour ago, JimmyAndrews said:

When is the next issue out?! 2027?!

You're not THE Jimmy Andrews are ya?

If you are then I really am spookily-inclined. I usually hear from folk after I've thought of them and was thinking of you just a couple of days ago.

If you're not THE @JimmyAndrews then please ignore this.  :D

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22 minutes ago, the highway is alive said:

BTX has been dead for a long time. All the interesting people either moved on or were banned, now it's just alleged insiders spinning falsehoods about Tracks 2.

Well if it was Electric  Nebraska maybe they would have a purpose.....

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