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Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Cheers and a Happy Paddies day to you.

Rewatching Rescue Me TV series at the moment and wondered why 2nd, 3rd even 4th generation Irish, Italians etc.... refer to themselves as ‘Irish American’ etc... 

Like Springsteen is Dutch, Italian, Irish.. why is this so?? 

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I don't think that happens much any more, except for African-American, which happen to be here the longest. 

My wife is second generation Greek/Turk, and she never says she's Greek/Turk-American. 

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Be safe everyone

I grew up in a town with Scottish heritage so I'd never come across St Patrick's day till i came to Wellington and it looks like nothing more than a day long piss up to me 

However my late Father in Law was Irish so sending loving thoughts out into the ether to him

Mind you its tomorrow here alteady 

Im not really into Irish music but i do love American land 

Take care all you Paddys and Paddy  wanna bes

Drink Guinness at home this year my freinds 


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11 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

Last night's dinner at our local semi Irish pub. Not in pic, a Harps and Guinness Black & Tan.



What exactly am i looking at ?

Im afraid my mouth is not watering 

It needs colour ! 

Some cabbage boiled up for 3 or 4 hours  :lol:

Im sorry its probably really tasty

Im not a fan of corned beef

You always post yummy looking meals so im guessing deside appearances this is probably good

Or at least equal to an average Hawaiian pizza  :lol: (similar colouring )

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