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Just for fun, go back 22 years and then 22 more years.

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13 minutes ago, ghostoftom said:

Although this time last year probably seems like a decade ago to many (for obvious reasons).

I actually feel quite different about it. To me last year seemed to go by quicker than usual, which was one of the few good things about that shitty year.

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7 hours ago, DennisC said:

I tell you that the last week of the 1977 tour felt waaaaaay more long ago in 1999 than the opening of the Reunion tour feels now. That´s all.:rolleyes:

In 1977 I was only 8 years old and had -of course- never heard of Bruce Springsteen. Now that feels long ago!:)

In 1999 I was just married [in 1998]. Now that feels even longer ago!:ph34r: (well, almost).


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I was 25, married with one child - Suzanne - and living in a cottage on a farm on the fringes of Sunny Morpeth. We'd be moving the next year into the middle of town and my son, Christopher, would be born.

It all seems like yesterday.

However ... I put my phone somewhere yesterday and can I remember where I put it? I'll need to call the number on my house phone. :rolleyes:

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