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When listening to Bruce concert audio, can you tell which guitar is which?

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9 hours ago, JayBee67 said:

To my (unprofessional) ear, Bruces solo's always have pretty much the same tone, and a style that he doesn't stray too far from (of course, he could do - he's a very competent player).

I could be wrong, but it sounds like there's no effects/treatment on the sound, and it's him playing the Tele in it's raw state that we hear.

Yup,  what you call "tone" is a player's style - that goes for just about every guitar player out there, and especially the really good ones - they should be instantly recognizable, and typically are.

And yes, Bruce doesn't fool around too much with effects/effect boards (unlike, for instance, Nils, who seems to be stepping on pedals more than actually playing). He uses a three-step foot switch. In his own words, "I've got one button to make it loud, one to make it even louder and one to make it really f*cking loud". The effect in use would be an overdrive, I guess.

Any other effects (let's say a delay, a flanger, chorus...) that are only very rarely used by Bruce are  operated by Kevin Buell from underneath the stage.

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19 hours ago, sunshine2020 said:

I tried to let this one go -- but alas could not. What a f--- chauvinistic thing to write. It says more about you.


That's very unfair. The fact is you can't hear her guitar in the stage mix and commenting on that fact is not f--- chauvinistic.

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21 hours ago, sunshine2020 said:

Good Afternoon Lampi.

I tried to let this one go -- but alas could not. What a f--- chauvinistic thing to write. It says more about you.

EDIT: Please do not ping me if you have a comment -- No interest in further engagement -- Thanks in advance!

I would like to congratulate @Lampi for not taking a run at this comment. Especially after explaining the comment further on. It is a common joke on this board over and over.

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I dont like it when my freinds are fighting

Regarding Patti 

I love her

But she doesn't love me

0/5 she has never been at any of my shows

I travelled cattle class for 36 hours and her kids were all grown up by then and she has a private jet to whisk her back home to bed at night 


What i like about Steve is when sharing Bruce's mic he seems to know that mic is already loud so he doesn't have to shout into it

The other's don't seem to have  clicked 


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