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Bruce Springsteen Is Laura Barton's One True Love - Radio 4 on Tuesday

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Enjoyed that alot. Seen her previously as a contributor to various unofficial video biographies. Did anyone else notice for some reason they used an alternate studio take of Sandy..was only a few seconds of the song but I did :D

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On 3/27/2021 at 10:18 AM, Born To Walk said:

Radio 4. 11:30 on Tuesday


Keith, I've only just listened to the show but when I saw your post the other day (as opposed to Jen's :D) I wondered about the last song on that list! :wacko:

The best part was hearing a little bit of Valentine's Day.  That's one you don't get to hear very often! 

Laura Barton did nothing for me, I'm afraid (II'll leave right now ... sorry).

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How good was this?! 
I miss gigs :(

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Loved this radio programme. I thought she and the contributors captured why so many people from different backgrounds love Bruce. Just wish it had been a little longer. 

if you liked it I would recommend the other 2 shows in the series and also a fantastic 2-3 hour travelogue across the U. S. That Laura presented on BBC Sounds. 

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