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European 'River' Tour 40th anniversary: Jim Marchese interview

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GOOD EYE: 40 years ago today, on 7 April 1981, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band started the European leg of their 'River' tour in Hamburg, Germany - their first major overseas tour (they played just 4 European shows in 1975).

It was a journey into the unknown for them, and for Jim Marchese, who had been asked - with one day's notice! - to fly from the US to Germany and join them as the official tour photographer for the next few weeks. I met Jim then briefly while I was in Frankfurt a few days later for my first Bruce show on 14 April back then, and we've been in touch in recent years about his work.

I'm delighted to share this special, rare interview, which Jim kindly agreed to do with me as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations for my '80s Springsteen fanzine 'Point Blank'. He was in a unique position back then, travelling everywhere with Bruce and the band and crew, both experiencing for himself and documenting their groundbreaking E Street journey. As Jim writes: 'Exploring each city with Bruce made it all the more incredible.'

Please enjoy Jim's story, and for more photos, information, and links to his fine art prints, see



Cheers, Dan

1981-04-15 Jim Marchese, Frankfurt.jpg

JIM MARCHESE Point Blank PB40 interview Spring 2021.pdf

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Zurich Airport, April 1981
We were arriving at Zurich airport before security check, and I asked Bruce, Clarence and Jon to switch passports, just for fun. 
Bruce's caption: "Europe here we come! This was our first tour overseas since 1975 (© Jim Marchese, 1981)

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Before the rise of the internet, (live) pictures of Bruce were as precious as his music. This was never more true with the LP version of the lIve 1975-85 box where all those pictures were and are just a treat a big as the music. And the Jim Marchese pictures from that European 1981 tour were a big part of that box


With the booklet I was particularly moved by the picture besides the Bobby Jean lyric, a picture taken by Jim Marchese during an Amsterdam city visit in 1981


Some other pictures taken that day by Jim Marchese   865873231_SpringsteenAmsterdam1981.jpg.c427bd0657818426aa8275684923d3a2.jpgtumblr_nlrnl7dUXU1skm21po1_500.jpg.6c4826ad45053b211084168443e3e976.jpg

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