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The Only Slightly Official May 26th Part 22 Bruce’s farm SiriusXM SetlistVision thread "Radio, Radio"

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Well, that was a short one. I figured Carmalita would be the Zevon song played. Good enough little show. I’ve realized over the years that I really don’t like much of the Beach Boys.

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11 minutes ago, Troublette said:

Left of the Dial has been my ringtone for years.

Great song. I got into the Replacements backwards, becoming a solo Westerberg fan first in the early 90s. Then backtracked through his career. 

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On 5/26/2021 at 4:43 PM, Born To Walk said:

Surprising how short that was considering the vast number of songs that would fit the theme.

Don't think so after listening to the show now and going deeper into each song selection.

It already starts with the Ramones cameo and the very beginning: "The Ramones sought to return rock and roll to its most basic roots, abandoning movements such as late 1960s psychedelic rock and early 1970s prog rock music. The song states the Ramones' philosophy in lines such as "We need change, we need it fast/Before rock's just part of the past/'Cause lately it all sounds the same to me". Many of the band's influences are mentioned in the song, including Murray the K, John Lennon, Jerry Lee Lewis, T. Rex, The Barbarians (whose drummer, Victor "Moulty" Moulton, is mentioned by his nickname) and Alan Freed, as well as musical variety TV and radio shows such as Hullabaloo, Shindig!, Upbeat and The Ed Sullivan Show. While the song celebrates the Ramones' teenage rock and roll memories, it also reflects and criticizes the trend of playing nostalgic songs on radio, rather than focusing on new music" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Do_You_Remember_Rock_'n'_Roll_Radio%3F


“Hey Mr. DJ,” Van Morrison: The Rolling Stone reviewer, David Fricke, said, "'Hey Mr. DJ' is a requiem for the one-on-one electricity of pre-Clear Channel radio, swinging with sweet brass and the iconic echo of Sam Cooke's 'Having a Party' https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-album-reviews/down-the-road-250607/ I did not know this Van Morrison record, used the Rolling Stone review as a lead to listen to the whole album on YouTube.


“Border Radio,” The Blasters. The title of the movie is identical to that of a track on the self-titled 1981 album by The Blasters. Guitarist Dave Alvin of The Blasters is a lead in the movie. Border Radio is a 1987 independent film directed by Allison Anders, Dean Lent and Kurt Voss. A document of the last days West Coast punk rock, the story follows two musicians and a roadie who haven't been paid rob money from a club and one flees to Mexico leaving his wife and daughter behind.


“Mohammed’s Radio,” Warren Zevon

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Big question "From his home to yours": is Bruce Springsteen playing records from his own personal collection and shares his thoughts about the times we're living in, direct from his home in New Jersey without any advice our outside help?

Maybe thew Book of Rock Lists from Dave Marsh can shed a light on this from which list 'Best Songs About Radio' are taken a fair amount of the selected cuts:



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1 hour ago, Troublette said:

I'm glad I'm not the only one!

I think its dated a lot

Even since the '80's when it was still being played on the radio

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