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Well, Andrew, to tell you the truth, even if I DID understand all those instructions I wouldn't give Seat Geek, Apple, Broadway or even Bruce (yes, Bruce!!) the satisfaction of going along with all th

The prices for this show are way too high. Other Broadway shows can justify their high prices somewhat because they have huge casts, with a lot of expensive costumes, complicated choreography, multipl

On a serious note, it really isn't for everyone, and it wasn't the first time he did it. I think he personally enjoyed the experience, so he extended it and extended it and extended again, simply

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The Toronto Star published an article about how those who got the Astra Zeneca vaccine can't go to the show. The article quotes a bioethicist on why this is wrong.   Hopefully the publicity on this issue will lead to change. 

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On 6/14/2021 at 3:56 PM, Promise61 said:

Sadly, since BITUSA he has become a different artist, and I barely recognise him anymore.

Yes, poetology different, and also existentially; back in 78 he said that money is the form of recognition (which really is in the tradition of German philosophy) since BITUSA it seems that his creativity has been based on an oscillation between that original view and a new one: money IS recognition (which perhaps is in the tradition of US market economy): hence Born in the USA.

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9 hours ago, Promise61 said:

I don't fully understand why people outside of the US are buying tickets if they're not even allowed in the country.

Much of the world is allowed entry to the United States.

All U.S. citizens, regardless of where they live, are allowed entry to the U.S.A. 

The rest of the world can come, as well, unless they have been in China, Schengen, the U.K., Ireland, Brazil, South Africa or India ( https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/from-other-countries.html ). Travel from Canada and Mexico is also barred, except for essential travel. Today. Next week, who knows?

As a dual citizen, one of which is U.S., I'm allowed in, despite living in the U.K. That can't change.

There's a lot of gray. Travelling for medical care is an exception, for example. Have a student visa? Welcome to America. The way I read the law is if you can document a podiatrist appointment, any medical appointment, you are allowed in.

My problem right now is the airline I was flying on, Aer Lingus, just dropped all flights from Manchester to the U.S.A. I'm not interested in connecting service as that's another jurisdiction I'd have to deal with. But...

We're all taking a risk of being denied entry to the country. Or of flights being cancelled. There's also the possibility that a new variant hits New York and the show shuts down.

I'm happy to have something to look forward to. If Virgin Atlantic cancels the only nonstop left between Manchester and the U.S. I'll probably cancel my trip. My personal risk assessment won't put my body on a train to London. That's likely where I contracted COVID the first time. Probably psychological with me, more than anything else, but it's there.

I respect everyone's views on all of this. I'm headed to a few festivals after Bruce, and a few club concerts, as well. I've largely been cooped in a small flat for fifteen months, except for the month I was in the hospital with COVID. If I wind up singing Thunder Road by myself outside of a cancelled show or in detention at JFK...I'm good. But by September I do expect there to be some positive changes in international travel, Biden and Johnson spoke about opening a US-UK air corridor, enough doom and gloom. Let's just hope everyone can get in the country and the show!

And he plays Harry's Place. Once. When I'm there. On Broadway, on tour, in his bathroom with a live stream. Hearing that song live is one of my life's very small goals. Pre-show on Broadway anyone? :)

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1 hour ago, gsquare said:

Bruce has an  understudy for the upcoming shows ready to step in at any time. :)

Nathan Lane Is Ready To Step In For Bruce Springsteen On Broadway

Excellent!! LOL!! Didn't know if I should have given that clip a laughing, Bruuuuuuce, a Heart or just a like emoji. Anyway I loved it!  

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4 hours ago, gsquare said:

Bruce has an  understudy for the upcoming shows ready to step in at any time. :)

Nathan Lane Is Ready To Step In For Bruce Springsteen On Broadway

Outstanding news.  I am sure that the people who are planning to travel in for the show will be glad to know they don't have to worry about the show not going on when it is their show day.  And how special will it be for them to see the only, or one of the only shows, that was done without Bruce.  Just imagine being able to say yes Bruce did a couple hundred (don't know exact #) shows on Broadway and I was at the only SOB show that was done by somebody else.  They will be in a very small subset of fans and will be envied by all of the others who saw Bruce do one of his many SOB shows.

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Am I correct in saying that New York State was the only state with that wacky law  ??

all the events I am seeing advertised elsewhere are either specifying that any vaccine is acceptable or in the door knob licking states such as Florida, Texas georgia etc you are welcome to attend even if you are foaming at the mouth

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