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Springsteen on Broadway Returns

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7 hours ago, Gretsch Country Gentleman said:

I can't view the page, so don't know exactly what's being said...but while I generally have a pretty strong aversion to weirdness in Springsteen fans, I can sympathize with these people. 

 I'm about 15 years younger than Bruce.  It's been something in the back of my mind ever since I first heard The River as a teenager. 

 I've always looked after my health and fitness , alnd hoped to stay vital as I get older.  Seeing Bruce on the Australian tours in 2013,14&17, was inspirational to me.  He seemed  invincible.   I thought "If I can have that kind of energy in 15 years time, I'll be very happy". 

But the last couple of years I've seen him on TV at times, and it's really bothered me how much he's aged.  All of a sudden 15 years time doesn't look so rosy.  For me it's brought into focus Bruce's mortality, and subsequently my own.

If that's weird so be it.

have you heard that new record ?

(not the last one - i mean the one before )

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1 hour ago, Gretsch Country Gentleman said:

Great record but can't listen to it. Too depressing.  I'll stick with River outtakes

my thoughts too

i mean its beautuful put together 

i have given it plenty of play usually of the live version because i love that rhinestone cowboy but its all too sad

and it was sad even before the global pandemic ! 


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38 minutes ago, Flagofpiracy said:

Yep, I'm right there with ya, age wise and the leaps

Gary just turned 69

we are surposed to be enjoying his retirement but he's had such a bad run getting this bloody sarcodosis 

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''There was a situation with an attendee standing up at their seat near the stage with their phone at the beginning of the show on Saturday, and “Thunder Road” started playing on another attendee's phone ringtone in the middle of the show''

some disrespectful people about .


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Think his just knackered and looks it !  standing on the stage night after night delivering his heart out -must be so draining.

all be O.K by time the full tour comes around  so you lucky folk save them pennies or what you have in the states for pennies ! 




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