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Royal Albert Hall turns 150

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5 hours ago, Eileen said:

I've never attended a concert there but I was thrilled to look around it last time I was in London. A wonderful place.

Brilliant venue for sound.

I’ve seen Bruce (D&D Tour), the Beach Boys (50th anniversary tour), Jake Bugg and Jackson Browne there and they were 4 terrific shows.


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I've only been once - saw Robert Plant. 

I knew the tickets would go like wildfire, and as usual it was frustrating not to know the prices until they went on sale.  So I emailed the RAH and after an initial unhelpful reply I got a full breakdown of all the possible seating areas and their respective prices.  I was pleased to see that there were bargain seats to be had in the "choir" area behind the stage.  I don't think these are always made available.  I went for one of these as soon as bookings opened and got what was probably the last one!  It was actually a great perch, so close to the stage and I didn't mind it mostly being a back view.

I've got a ticket to see OMD in February, this time at the opposite end. :D

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 Great little venue, never seen a bad show there, it's always interesting to see people looking up and around the first time they visit. The artists I've seen there off the top of my head are REM, Toto, Jackson Browne, Cat Stevens, Crosby Stills & Nash, Al Stewart, The Who, Alter Bridge, Steve Harley, Ryan Adams, Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood, Alicia Keys, Steve Miller, Tom Petty, Noel Gallagher, Kasabian, and The Monkees.

As you get off the tube at South Ken and head up to The RAH it's always really busy, people coming out of Imperial College and I've always wondered what they do. I was picked at random by the NHS  several months back now asking to do a test  to see if i had antibodies for Covid 19 and answer a questionnaire and it's Imperial College that do all that business. Heres hoping i do that walk again soon.

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It's a place I have never seen or been to despite loads and loads of visits to London over the years.

Hopefully next time i'm there !   Maybe see Bruce playing a solo gig there some time in the future similar to the Devil and Dust tour.

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