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Sways/Waves makes LA Times

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2 minutes ago, stillilllife said:

No, there's a (short) s sound at the end. It does sound like he sings "Mary dress sways" though, without the s after Mary, but that's probably because of the isolation technique I used not being perfect. The important thing here is that there's no v sound (as in waves) in the last word of the clip.

I/the folk who love the idea of 'waves' know he usually sings sways. Our heart tells us it should be 'waves'. Proof or logic doesn't enter into it. :)

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Although the BTR vinyl and CD lyric sheets consistently say “waves”, I’ve just discovered that the Live 75-85 lyric booklet says “sways”. Never noticed that before! I learned it as “waves” and that’s what I shall probably continue to hear and sing it as.
Even if I’m wrong …:D


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10 hours ago, Eileen said:

I've even got that in my profile. ;)

Just going to check what mine says ...

Im sticking with sways 

But now im confused 

A few days ago i was perfectly happy singing sways ....hmmmm

I mean a flag waves in the breeze 

Washing (which can include dresses) doesn't sway on the line 

Im not happy

Its like finding out one and one might not equal two any more

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