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The Official NFL 2021 thread


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1 hour ago, Jimmy James said:

Boy what a 4th quarter! Ends all wrong!

The Steelers D had a bunch of guys most fans, including this one, didn't know were on the team and couldn't pick out of a lineup.

I'm not surprised they gave up 41, or gave up the big pass play at the end on what looked like a blown coverage.  They were playing without their best CB (Haden), safety (Fitzpatrick), and defender (Watt).  Whoever has played the CB opposite Haden, and the slot corner have been an issue all year.

Not that it made a difference because they scored a cou0ple plays later but it looked like a unnecessary roughness was missed after the INT on the tipped ball.  When you hit a guy who is on the ground in the earhole I think that should be flagged.

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11 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

Good day for the lawyers as they get 35% of the $790 million.

I saw another article that said the Rams owner paid a $550 million relocation fee to the NFL that was split among the other owners (and maybe the league kept some).  I will guess that the other owners and NFL pay $550 million of the $790 million and the Rams pay the other $240 million.  Maybe the 2 owners/teams who voted against the move don't have to pay anything.

I didn't see in the article, and can't remember if the stadium lease was up or if the Rams left with time left on it.  St Louis spent about $17-18 million to come up with a plan for a new stadium so they are out at least that much.  If there were years left on the lease they would also be out whatever taxes and fees are added to the ticket price, and add in drink tax, parking tax, etc for people going to the games and it seems like quite a jump from the money spent on a new stadium plan to the $1 billion + that St Louis was seeking and the $790 million that they got.

To paraphrase Mike Lange "St Louis is smiling like the butchers dog" or it should be.


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I just saw a list of the 2021 draft class for the Steelers, they didn't take a CB until the 7th round.  They need to address that position a lot sooner in the 2022 draft.

As bad as they stunk it up yesterday I think they would still be a playoff team if they were in the NFC.  Of course they would just get a participation trophy if they were.

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