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No Nukes Concert Film Coming!!!

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4 minutes ago, Born To Walk said:
1 hour ago, doesthisbusstop said:

The Rolling Stone article describes it as a documentary film, which doesn’t bode particularly well for it being the live performances without (some unwanted) stuff in between songs

The use of the word documentary is indeed disturbing. However, its such an early stage that I'm not sure that Rolling Stone will have had any more information than the rest of us. Hopefully 'documentary' was just their way of saying 'a film which documents the concerts'

I'm still hopeful for a concert film, even if they all keep changing their clothes every other song!

I don't have a problem with a 1 hour documentary that maybe only shows snippets of songs, especially if it includes some "behind the scenes / backstage" footage, and/or up to date interviews with some of the main players who are friends with Bruce "anyway" (Jackson, Bonnie etc) - BUT - as long as then they also just let it play like a concert perfromance film, and with a few "bonus footage tracks" (from an alternative night) this could see the whole thing come in at almost 3 hours (fill the disc) - I'd be fine with that. I get the worried pessimism (totally) but at the same time I'd be staggered if this release didn't (in there) offer up a complete set list / performance, which after all was only about 90 mins...........surely!!? 

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16 minutes ago, doesthisbusstop said:

Is the full press release / preview / trailer due out this month? 

They said the full announcement and pre-ordering would be in September. So, sometime in the next 26 days then.

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