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Bruce/Obama 'Renegades' Book

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Im kinda thinking/ hoping  its the one Bruce thing Gary night enjoy (looking at the pictures)

The last commentary thing he said regarding Bruce was when he was quite impressed with tracks 

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I am not much of a podcast girl, but am very much a book girl.

Despite that, I did listen to every minute of the Renegades podcast and there really aren't any words that cover how profoundly it moved me. 

Needless to say, I pre-ordered, something else that is out-of-the-ordinary for me these days. If I can't get it from one of my e-libraries, and it's not a reference book, I don't read it.

On the plus side, this will very much be a reference book for me. And so much more.

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3 hours ago, stevie54uk said:

I thought the podcasts were great. But I am a big Barack fan as well as Bruce reading A Promised Land by Barack. Dare I say it much better written than Bruce's book

...well the  man was president of the United States 

Usually a high marker

And he was a lawyer of some high fowllotting type

Does one do English papers at university to go to law school ?

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