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AᗺBA fans...Things are starting to happen

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3 hours ago, balboa08 said:

Still  listen to them. Liked quite a few of their songs unlike BoneyM. Mentioned BoneyM cos before  84 or so when MJ won all those grannies, everyone in India thought that these 2 were the biggest bands in the world. 

Won all those grannies :D

oh dear @balboa08has been stricken with @Daisey Jeepdisease:o

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2 hours ago, Early North Jersey said:

From ABBA Undeleted ? There are some awesome snippets hiding in there


1 hour ago, Early North Jersey said:

AND YES !!! That is one of them ....excited !!!!

Now i need Rikky Rock N Roller :D

It was initially assumed that the new track Bumblebee was the same as Free As a Bumblebee from Undeleted, but apparently it is a new song.

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3 minutes ago, Early North Jersey said:

Upon further review ....They can keep the Bumble Bee song :D

Yes, I was relieved to find out it wasn't the same song. Hopefully the new one is rather better than the old one.

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