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How many times have you seen Bruce in concert?

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  1. 1. How many times have you seen Bruce live in concert?

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    • 1-4
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Just a snapshot of Laker’s show counts.

Not a thread to see who has seen the most shows (there are many people here who have been to well over 100 shows) but more a quick view of what a typical show count level is from regular Lakers on this forum. 

If you have been to 100+ shows please just register in the last category only (not the 45+ section as well). 

47 for me, in 11 different countries. 

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9 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

22 for me. 1 in 78', 1 in 84' and the rest after 2007. 

tell us about '78:wub:

you must have been young and impressionable 

i know you listened to different stuff in between (so did I although we went in waaaay different directions)

what did or didn't happen in '84 that made you get off this train?

or did other stuff just happen

i dont think TOL had much appeal to 16 year old me - i was down at Carrisbrook watching the cricket 


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If your under 100 plus you should be kicked off this site fined and asked to explained why not then only allowed back when your a real fan.

note: stating family ,being out of work ,poor , being ill ,having two broken legs ,time in hospital,dying  etc for not going will not be a case for staying.      







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1981 x 1

1985 x2

1988 x2

1992 x1

1993 x 1

1996 x 1

1999 x 2

2003 x 1

2006 x 2

2007 x 1

2008 x 2

2009 x 3

2012 x 4

2013 x 5

2016 x 1

All of which should add up to 29 (24 ESB, 1 solo, 2 'other band' & 2 Sessions Band)

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