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That time of year

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Alright the second thread for Daisey, if the FC was still around we would have one in there also. Really the only one here that can demand three different Happy Birthday Threads. Happy Birthday again Daisey, have a great Day. 


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thank you dear Bruce freinds

thank you always dearest @gus

that is so nice of you to think that Mr @Jertucky 

@Jimmy James no1 i wish you were firing up our Webber no2 i still miss the FC

and thank you Aunty, Keith, Bob l, Rach and Jim

your wishes are most appreated 

this is trully the highlight of my birthday

@CmonMrTrouble today is the big five oh (without the Hawaii) 

i dont feel any older 

no thing hurts anymore than yesterday 

the sun is shinning

Gary wants to go out for lunch but we have only been in level 2 since yesterday so i think its a bit soon 



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