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Bruce on Colbert Late Show Monday night

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1 hour ago, Born To Walk said:



thanks Keith

the song that a parked my curiosity ..

and here we are

i just read this and came straight here to find it

much appreated 

incidentally this is the one song Gary loves although he insists he's heard someone else sing it better :lol:

now do i tempt fate and email this to him ... :D




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2 hours ago, Born To Walk said:


im not a fan of Colbert but this has been by far the highlight of my day

admitably the last few days have been fucking bitches

but dam ! Bruce is lookinh fine ! 

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you know i used to watch the river on the video ornathroghy thingy and i used to imange being that girl in the audience who was just completly memorized by this song, never knowing how i was ever going to ever see him in concert myself but somehow i just had to


and he played the river in Moncton 

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Just now, Promise61 said:

Brilliant !

I feel bad cos he's doing what he thinks is best for him - but Stan's who I see (I liked Stan) and I'd love to see him as nature would have intended.

It's that expression he has (always had) - so similar to Stan.

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