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E Street Radio from overseas

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11 minutes ago, burghfan said:

Have you tried using a private window?

That used to work until a few months ago, then they changed the website and it no longer appears to be possible.

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We know how to use a VPN.  And we know all about incognito mode and clearing cache/history.  We've been doing it for years.  They've replaced the old way we used to listen where you could just always preview without a subscription.  Now all they offer is a free "24hr" preview tied to an email address.  Seems you can't get around that 24hr which counts down once you've listened.  (Thank you for those who genuinely reply.  But no more deliberately smart and unhelpful hints from McMenemy would be helpful too unless he actually does know what he's talking about which I seriously doubt.  Smart arse.)

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Now this is just a guess and I have no idea if this is how it works but it might be worth a shot.

When you start the 24 hour free trial the Sirius website may create/update a value in the registry that has the time 1 day in the future from what your pc has and uses this for the countdown.  You may be able to get around this by setting your computer time to a week/month/year in the future so when the trial starts it sets the end date of the trial to the time your computer currently has plus a day.  After the trial starts set the time back.

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I've worked it out for those interested. 

1) Use a VPN. 

2) Use an incognito window. 

3) Click "Try a Free 24hr Preview."  (The old way we listened without a subscription no longer exists)

4) You then have to enter your email address and a password. 

5) Once the 24hrs is up for that email, that's it.  You'll then get a message "Your Free Trial has ended."  You won't be able to use that email address again for free and it will ask you to sign up (which you can't if you're not in America).

5) Don't despair.  Next time just make up a different email!  It doesn't even need a real email address!  All it needs is the real part of your email address at the end (eg. @gmail.com.au  So in other words you can enter whatever you like before that part of an email address.   

6) Just use the same password each time, that doesn't matter. 

7)You just need to keep getting a new 24hrs with a new different fake email address every time.

Might have to self-destruct this post in a couple of days time.



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