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Tech Question Of The Day 1/31/05 *DELETED*

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I'm new to this forum . . . . so I have a few technical questions:

There seems to be SIX Moderators to this forum. My question could each of you briefly breakdown what expertise you will bring to this new, much needed and highly useful forum.

From what I know so far it seems that CosmicKid, well he is the head honcho and I'm sure will be way to busy to answer a SHTML question, JukeboxGrad another great Mod who is always spreading birthday greetings and doing a wonderful job, CmonMrT - everyone knows what he does around here especially all the newbies!!!, Fig is always ready to answer a DVD question or to help out with that missing or hard-to-find DVD, Frat415 - I've heard many great things about him and his expertise in compiling lists. This kind of leads me to PrettyRedRose, or more commonly known as PRR, maybe the least busy of this great bunch of Moderators.
PRR I have had this issue with my burner - I'll try to describe it and lets see what answers you can help me with.
When burning Placemat and I always use quality discs, Fuji, TDK, etc., and I don't use those damn labels either!!! Anyway when burning in my DELL 750sk stand-alone computer with dual decks and Roxio program I sometimes get this message:

67LnXSA%$%D0D0D6545 fatal error!!!

Is there something that I can do to prevent this from happening?

Yep - don't use the computer IPB Image

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