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10 Best Live albums ever

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Bruce Springsteen Live 75-85
Social Distortion-Live At The Roxy
The Rolling Stones : Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out
The Band : Last Waltz
Nirvana - Unplugged
The Clash - From Here To Eternity
Bob Dylan's Live 1966

Okay that is 7

But i got to get some interesting mind stimulating discussion going.

These are mine.

Okay now i am bracing myself for someone who is gonna nominate "the Song remains the Same"

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Bruce Springsteen Live 75-85
Thin Lizzy- Live and Dangerous
Kiss- Alive
Cheap Trick- Live at Budokan
Ted Nugent- Double Live Gonzo
Lynryrd Syknrd- One more for the road
Scorpions - World Wide Live
Dokken- Beast From The East
U2 Rattle and Hum
Joe Grushecky - Live Down the road Apiece
Frampton Comes Alive
Genesis Live
Bruce Springsteen- Live in NYC
UFO Strangers in the Night
Led Zepelin- The Song Remains the Same

Sorry Went a bit Over, I could'nt leave anyone out

Oh Yea, Neil Young- Live Rust

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Here are some of mine:
Different Stages - Rush
Exit...Stage Left-Rush
75-85- Bruce
One More From the Road - Skynyrd

and those are the only ones that come to mind that I have. I'll get back to you later with more maybe.

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What about:

Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus
The Band - Rock of Ages (better than Last Waltz)
Allman Bros- Fillmore East
Bob Marley - Live in London
Bob Seger - Live Bullet
J Geils - Full House
Van Morrison - Too Late to Stop Now

Why do I always feel old when I do these lists...

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Other recommended favorites:

J. Geils Band - Full House
Nils Lofgren - Code Of The Road
Little Feat - Waiting For Columbus
The Grateful Dead - Reckoning
The Grateful Dead - Europe 72
The Pretenders - The Isle Of View
Peter Gabriel - Plays Live

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Bruce Springsteen - Live 75/85
Bruce Springsteen - Live in New York City
Metallica - Live Shit:Binge & Purge
Rush - Different Stages
KISS - Alive!
Fleetwood Mac - The Dance
Iron Maiden - Live After Death
Paul McCartney - Tripping The Live Fantastic
Nirvana - MTV Unplugged
The Rolling Stones - Stripped

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Deep Purple Made In Japan
The Who Live at Leeds
THE Doors Absolutely Live
Aerosmith Bootleg
Uriah Heep Live
Grand Funk Live Album
Traffic On the Road
Led Zeppelin How the West Was Won
Neil Young Live Rust
Bob Seger Live Bullet
and Bruce Live 1975-1985 and Live in NY

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Ten best:
1. Bruce, Live 1975-85
2. Sam Cooke At The Harlem Square Club, 1963
3. The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl
4. Bob Dylan, Royal Albert Hall
5. Nils Lofgren, Code Of The Road
6. Bruce, Plugged (so shoot me!)
7. Carole King At Carnegie Hall, 1971
8. Paul McCarney, Unplugged
9. Frank Sinatra, Sinatra & Sextet Live In Paris
10. Soul Stirrers, The Great 1955 Shrine Concert

Honorable mentions:
James Brown Live At The Apollo
Concert For Bangla Desh
Solomon Burke, Soul Alive

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in no order:

No Nukes
Live 75-85
MTV Un(un)plugged
Live in NYC
Southside: Live @ Bottom line
Southside: Spittin' Fire Live
Lofgren: Code of the Road
Lofgren: Acoustic Live
Lofgren: Archiove Alive
Big Man: Live in Asbury Park.....

a bit "one tracked"????

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Some of these have already been listed

Paul McCartney: Tripping the Light Fantastic (i saw him in Ames, IA on the 'flowers in the dirt' tour. Awesome show)

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Live Alive

Bruuuuuce: Live '75-'85

Bruuuuuce: LINY

Dave Matthews: Red Rock

Eric Clapton: Unplugged

Nirvana: Unplugged

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My biggest problem with most "Live" CD's/albums is that they use the "live" tracks as basics and than "overdub" vocals and other stuff to make them sound perfect. The Last Waltz is a perfect example of this, just a/b the official release against a live tape. Richard Manual's voice was shot at the concert, but on the official release his voice is perfect.
The same with Rock Of Ages, although the remastered edition has almost 80 minutes of "clean" tracks that were never released before.

That said:
Live/Dead-grateful dead
Europe 72-grateful dead
Bruce Live in NYC
Get Yer Ya Ya's Out-rolling stones
Hollywood Bowl-The Beatles

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As great as Bruce is live, he has never put out an great live album (great bootlegs, but NEVER a great official release).

I would go with,

The Who - Live at Leeds
Cheap Trick - Live at Budokan. The whole concert release not the single album.
The Ramones - It's Alive
Dire Straits - Live Alchemy

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Anyone who will wear a Rhinestone jumpsuit and who's name is not Elvis Presley, ought to be dragged by a rope from the back of a speeding pickup truck over hot coals till every molecule in their body has disintegrated into dust.

Neil Diamond is embarressing to himself.

People with this Who stuff. puzzling, to say the least.

How one can praise a senile pedophiliac who sits on his computer sownloading kiddie porn is beyond me.

And all this Zeppelin stuff. Zep was an awful live band.

Jimmy Page was just as likely to show all strung out and screwing up his solo's and the Drum and keyboard solo's! uugh!

Nobody actually likes Dazed and Confused except Jimmy Page's mom. maybe.

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Hey, "Hot August Night" is a pretty good album.
Neil Diamond did some fabulous stuff in his
pre-shmaltz days. Albums like "Hot August Night,"
"Tap Root Manuscript" and "Double Gold" hold up
even today.

Yes, how saving silverman did not get an oscar is beyond me...
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