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About as certain as we can get at this point: The new album has been recorded with members of the ESB already having contributed. Additional tracks are being recorded with and without the ESB. As can best be described at this point is the album is a cross between TOL and The Rising with some "rock" songs and a number of songs pared down. Having trouble describing the sound, but a lot of production is being used wth the versions already recorded. Different versions of each song are being recorded (with and without members of the ESB) and the final versions of about half the album have not been settled on. It was agreed to go ahead with announcing a new recording since it is fully anticipated the final recording phases will go very quickly. The good news is a flurry of recording will be ongoing over the next few weeks with August to be the month of final production, etc. Although a given, the album will have a least 10 songs with a goal of about 13 being projected.

What is interesting is the most definitive and positive news relates to the tour, which will be the last for the entire ESB. Rehearsals for the tour are once again scheduled for AP around Labor Day. Look for the tour to kick off on or about 10/02/2007 in New York with a quick swing around the country until the end of November. All of the major cities, to include LA, DC, Philly, Boston, Chicago, etc. will be covered. The month of December will include a quick tour of Europe, about 10 shows or so. January and part of February look to be time off with a full world tour to begin in full effect during the Spring of 2008 (Feb/March) with outdoor arena shows scheduled for the summer of 2008. The U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia, will all be on the schedule. Bottom line is that we are now entering the final stages in preparation for the final ESB world tour. Stay tuned.
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Hmmm, cross between TOL & The Rising???? I don't know what to make of that. I had heard about a "pure ESB" album being reported on other sites.
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Great news! A coworker was excited to tell me today that she heard on the radio that Bruce was going to put out a new cd this fall. I chuckled when another coworker chimed in, "She probably already knows THAT!"
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Thanks for the news, K2. I'm much more excited for the tour than the record, though. I was really hoping for an all-out rocking ESB record, but it seems like this will be another generic sounding album, like The Rising.

Are these all barnstorming, one show only, appearances? Or will there be some multiple night stands in this first leg of the tour?
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the album is a cross between TOL and The Rising

Mmmmmm...."Ain't Got You" crossed with "Let's Be Friends". BRING IT ON!!

rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif blink.gif

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(copy and paste from my post on BTX)

An album of songs like the ones below produced to sound similar to the classic E Street sound..well, I could live with that:

Thougher Than The Rest
Walk like a man
Brilliant Disguise
One Step Up
Valentines Day
Waiting on a sunny day
Nothing Man
Empty Sky
Further on up the road
MAry┬┤s Place
The Rising
My City of ruins
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I guess the Band are too old for an all out Rock record/Tour.

They are going to need some slower songs to get their breath back etc!



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QUOTE(mypalfish @ Jul 12 2007, 10:52 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
but it seems like this will be another generic sounding album, like The Rising.

How is The Rising in any way generic sounding I don't understand when people say that. I think Bruce was pretty damn effective when updating his sound with the new age rock sound or whatever. There are a lot more generic songs to be found on The River and Born In The USA than The Rising. Well, maybe it's just a difference of opinion or something.

...Anyway GREAT NEWS!!!
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