I miss...

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6 hours ago, BrilliantDisguise said:

...the old me.

Huge hug to you my friend xo

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On 7/30/2019 at 3:09 PM, VABOSSFAN said:

my bruce buds

We are all right here! And Bushy is just down the street! :D

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today i miss my mum

that's a bit unusual because we never really got along very well and once i moved away i hardly saw or talked to her even before she got sick

but mostly she was a pretty good mum

i didn't appreated the baking she did or the sewing and knitting - actually i did wear the jerseys she knitted quite happily in the 80s but i think of the rag dolls she sewed and how much time polly anna and friends must have taken

my little Laura Ingles outfit, my gingham cowboy shirt and my skirt with the ducky stitch 

i think about how we would have lived through this current crisis as a family back then

mum would possibly have hoarded flour 

we would have played lots of board games - our parents seemed to enjoy playing those with us. 

it might not have been quite as scary because Dad would be taking care of everything for the family 

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