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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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The Promise.

Springsteen band members play in other contexts. He himself does not get much done. He goes to the cinema or stays at home.

Once upon a time he tried to make a dream come true, just like the heroes on the white screen do. His dream then was to create a rock 'n' roll work, one that he himself considered to be right, i. e. without having to worry about restrictions imposed. Appel gave him the promise to help him realize this dream and Springsteen also realized such a creation and was met with abundant success and was seen as the rock n 'roll great promise. But when Appel broke his promise, the promise of the future of rock 'n roll was also broken. And when the double promise was broken, Springsteen also partially lost his dream.

He had already started to realize his dream before Apple's promise, but when Apple broke his promise it turns out that his promise also was Springsteen's sale of his work to Apple. At that time long ago, he was secretly living his own dream, and now he regrets letting it be captured by Apple's world. All his life he has fought the battle no man can win, namely, that to produce without that the products are stolen away from you by the commercial world, which Appel represented. So, as said, every day it becomes increasingly difficult to believe in the dream of one's own free creation.

But Springsteen still clings to the possibility of this impossibility, which bears the name of Thunder Road. In relation to it, he now sees that something of significant importance, the original dream, is dying. And sure, with Thunder Road he made himself great; but the legal process with Appel showed what high price he had to pay for his success. He know now that this price is what we all have to pay, and it’s like he is carrying the broken souls of all the others who had lost their dreams. Of course, life goes on even when the promise is broken, but the crime robs something essential from your soul, and from your heart, that becomes cold when you tell the truth in court, but this truth is not even listened to.

In the evenings Springsteen often goes to the movies. One night he sees High Noon, and realizes that his dream has always forced him to fight against those who want to hinder him, and without help from those who do not want to help him. But more important, he understand that even if he had to realize his dream in Thunder Road, he know now, that he, if he wants to create a new and truer version of his dream, must throw it away.

Because Thunder Road is both a correct and an incorrect expression of his dream. Correct, since it is an expression of the freedom of creativity. Incorrect, since the runaway ideology that is its message in no longer adequate: if he now run away, he will lose his free productivity and his product. He will lose his dream. So he has to stay and fight. He do so. He fights. When the fight is over, he can trow Thunder Road down in the dirt, and travel to his glorious future with his muse

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