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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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17 minutes ago, 100yrsOld said:

Does Bruce's version count as a Bruce song?:huh:

Many, many songs in this topic are not Bruce originals (even two of them on the previous page) and -not often- some posts are about other artists covering a Bruce song, so not really rules here.

Edit: maybe I misunderstood what you said as I'm A Coward is one of those songs where it is maybe difficult to say where the cover ends and the Bruce original starts; Follow That Dream the most obvious example.

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The Way!:wub:

Expecting Because The Night now...:)as that song-a raw unfinished version of Because The Night, rather different from the more polished version on The Promise-was the next song after The Way on the cassette tape of the Rendezvous vinyl bootleg with Darkness outtakes/alternate versions I have listened to many, many times in the 80s and 90s. And I was so obsessed I taped my vinyl bootlegs to save the vinyl and listen to the cassette tape instead.

BTW the Rendezvous bootleg was a double album with some pictures of Bruce on the sleeve that would be nice pictures for the Ladies Topic.

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