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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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11 hours ago, JimCT said:

today 2002, Rotterdam

I have told this a few times before on this forum, but:

This is probably the greatest show I ever saw. This despite it a relatively short show and the standard European Tour 2002 setlist. And while setlists are of course personal, Rotterdam had probably, at least on paper, the most standard setlist of all 7 (or only 7) shows, without anything to be called a real rarity [on this leg; solo piano For You can -of course- be considered a rarity, but not this leg, as it was played at 3 of the 7 shows).

So. The greatest show I ever saw was a rather short show with a standard setlist. So much for long shows, longer shows, even longer shows, rarities, more rarities, sign requests and 'special guests'.

A little disclaimer in this were the very good seats close the stage; the reward for waiting (almost) all night long in line for tickets, which were sold out in less than 15 minutes.

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Letter To You, on Spotify.

Sounds great!

(not sure if better than the mp3s, seems to have more depth, which means the CD - lossless - may sound even better)

It's uploaded loader than the mp3s are (I once wanted to buy a CD by this band who decided to make their best album in decades vinyl-only, and the streaming was significantly better on you tube from the record company or band, than on Spotify. Man that was a good song there. I didn't like it on first listen (about....what, five listens ago?)

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