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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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39 minutes ago, sunshine2020 said:

Listening to:

1985-01-15 Coliseum Charlotte NC (Tape Man Joe Master Volume 40)

Racing In The Street!

ping @JimCT @mickb -- beautiful! Thanks  -- next The River - 1980 Tempe!

My two shows in Greensboro, and I see the shows in Charlotte too, we got Racing to close the 2d set then the acoustic Can't Help Falling in Love next. Just sublime.

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52 minutes ago, sunshine2020 said:

Good afternoon MacBruce!

I am not familiar with this song. Which version are you listening to please?

Moonlight Motel is on the album with a picture of the ass of an 'o.... Well you know what.

Unless it is the version live from Bruce's barn.

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21 minutes ago, sunshine2020 said:

1980-11-05 Arizona State University Tempe AZ

Racing In The Street -- The River

So far a beautiful recording an outstanding performance :D

I think when you get to Drive All Night you should put it on headphones, put your left hand on your right shoulder, your right hand on your left shoulder, and squeeze a bit. ;) 

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5 hours ago, JimCT said:

Not puddles - but a song that improves with a hug ;) 

Yep! You're spot on! That hug did me good thanks for the encouragement to indulge. :D

AND --

2007-12-01 Geldredome Arnhem Netherlands - Arnhem Magic Night  (Crystal Cat)

My favourite tied with 12-12-19 London for the 2007 European Leg of the Magic Tour :D

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