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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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11 minutes ago, Lampi said:

There was talk on this forum about these things a few years ago; with a bootleg that separated a River Tour version of Detroit Medley in different tracks; the 4 core songs, additional songs (Shake, Sweet Soul Music [maybe not at that particular show], I Hear A Train, Devil With A Blue Dress reprise, etc.); so in different songs, with a few second gaps between the tracks; making the whole Medley unlistenable.

Also: separating songs that flow into each other (Racing In The Street/Thunder Road from Darkness Tour, Stolen Car/Wreck On The Highway/Point Blank from River Tour, etc.), on different cd's, while there are no space reasons on the cd's for that. (Most famous  -in fact infamous- example of course Incident On 57th Street into Rosalita on the Crystal Cat box set of the MSG 2009 shows; all for addition of 'bonus tracks'. And even those bonus tracks, from an unrelated event, were split among the two shows, while a separate 1CD release of that 'bonus show' was also a possiblilty).

Words escape me. At least the ones I'm willing to say out loud.

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