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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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today '99, Chicago night 3 - If I Should Fall Behind

Having scheduled a meeting in Chicago to coincide with opening night, and gone to that show, I had returned to NYC. But the opportunity presented to return to Chicago for a follow-up meeting, and I jumped at it - and scored a ticket for the final night! I remember the lack of recognition in the crowd when he started NYCS - but I was enthralled! The only copy I have is the official one, so I can't post that here. But you can buy it ;) https://live.brucespringsteen.net/live-music/0,20091/Bruce-Springsteen---The-E-Street-Band-mp3-flac-download-9-30-1999-United-Center-Chicago-IL.html


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The New Timer.

Hollywood (Florida) 19 November 2005. On autoharp!:)

Despite or even more so because of the autoharp, the song is still as dull as ditchwater.

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Down To The Riverside

(Bruce Springsteen Band, live February 25, 1972)

"I remember back when I was just a small boy
On the night that my grandpa died
It was three o’clock, it was three o’clock in the morning
All of a sudden my eyes they popped open wide

It was mama, my sweet mama
She said, “Aw, won’t you come with me son”
It was three o’clock, she told me grandpa’s he’s dead
Oh and the doctor he says that he can’t come

Well now, my mama she took me, she took me by my hand
And she said, “don’t worry son, but we have to pass through grandpa’s room”
Mama, grandma she was crying, by my side she said he was such a good man

Don’t you know he was too

She said, “He was sitting up in bed, alive just like you and me
When all of a sudden he just slumped back down”
She said “it’s three o’clock and oh the reverend’s here
And grandpa, grandpa he has gone down”
She said, “Grandpa’s gone down to the riverside one last time”
She said, “Grandpa’s gone down to the riverside just one last time”

Well mama, she took me by my hand
She took me into her room and said, “You and sister can sleep here tonight”
And I was just about to stop crying and close my eyes and go to sleep
When I heard something giving a young boy a fright

I swear I heard them angels singing
And it’s sounding like it was coming from my grandpa’s room
Ah and the church bells, the church bells they were ringing
To shine a little light, to shine a little light on this gloom

I heard the voices, they’re coming from, I heard ’em sing…
They said, “Swing low sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home”
They said, “Swing low sweet chariot”
Coming to carry Grandpa home

Cause grandpa’s gone down to the riverside one last time
Grandpa’s gone down to the riverside one last time
Oh, grandpa’s gone down to the riverside one last time
Oh, grandpa’s gone down to the riverside one last time."

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Albany 7 February 1977.

Of course one should do other things at 2.00. A.M. than listen to Bruce Springsteen & The ESB; or maybe not.

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