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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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And now: This Hard Land on the Bruce Brunch! From the Rio show 2013. And no pre-warning. Phew.

This Hard Land - Kilkenny 28/07/13

If I could I'd press the 'like' button 100 times on this post!

I just wish I was there to hear it live.

It was heavenly. I thought maybe you were the guy with the sign for Wild Billy's Circus Story who got his song played at Kilkenny.... it must have been a beautiful moment for him. But This Hard Land was the most emotional ever.

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I had all earthly riches I had each and every one

But I had my good eye to the dark and my blind eye to the sun...

Further in connection with Bruce's most experimental and idiosyncratic material, Good Eye in some ways continues to explore similar ground as 57 Channels. Like many of the WOAD songs, it's quite simple, but I always loved it on a very visceral level. I wish Bruce had believed more in the live potential of the album. As it stands, some tracks were never debuted live and Good Eye, like What Love Can Do, has only been played once outside of rehearsals.

This was one such rehearsal performance:

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