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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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I'm Giving WB a spin today

LOHAD juat takes me smile

And I need it

Me and cat home alone trying to make a ' mixed tape' for the other half

Using that Bruce songs covered my others thread

Trying a different approach to hook other half in

Trying to show off Bruce's song writting

So I'm googerling and down loading .....

Definatly need calming LOHAD

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This is true, I swear: after catching up on the newspapers just now, I put my headphones on and hit "Shuffle All", and the first song that came up was No Surrender. I think my iPad has been possessed by the soul of Iain Paisley.

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I'm having a small New York City Serenade festival all by myself. I happened to find a very old version, New York City Song on my ipad, sent to me by a dear friend. It's lovely. Moved on to the album version, further on to the recent Rome version- the official one- and last, but not least, the NYCS from my beloved Brisbane download. They are all great, but I'm surprised at how good the album version holds up against the live stuff. The intro on the album NYCS is a long, long goose bumps moment.

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Better days, from monchengladbach 2013

I have LT tucked into my bag for work today but right now its breakaway from the promise

I'm not cleaver enough to thell if its overdubbed I'm just enjoying it

Then the promise

I don't like to interrupt him

You know when you were a kid you would drive around the block to wait for a song to finish :-)

Them I'm going back to that prove it .....

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