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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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On 11/13/2016 at 2:31 PM, rachelharms said:

Well at least you're not made of stone :lol: that's true, I would love to see early songs live. After the last shows in the US it makes it seem like it might just be possible again. Yeah, there is so many great, extra long versions from that era that I think are just so iconic looking back. Especially Prove It with the intro. I'm the same, it's mainly Darkness tours I'll listen to but recently I've really been appreciating his 90's era which I'm sure you've realised. Haha, that's why I was so happy when I heard Racing on the radio because I thought someone somewhere will be listening to this and thinking wow. 

Yeah the one where he's looking at Greetings as if it's his newborn baby. (Kind of understandable though really). Think I got it from HMV a while ago. It makes me happy to look at it! Some of them were blurry but I got I think 2 ok ish ones :D oh what an idiot! It's frustrating seeing people watching it through their phones because all I can think of is the people who missed out on a ticket that would've loved to experience it !! 

Haha! I think it's incredible. Underrated. I really think it has an Elvis vibe about it but it's so simple yet so powerful. Yeah me too, I think there's a fair few of casual fans that follow me on Twitter so sometimes I post outtakes/unreleased gems incase they do feel like discovering more of Bruce. Yes, when I listen to it I can feel it in my heart. And when that happens, I know it's damn good. 

Hahahaha in the perfect world! I said on another thread, I'm not sure if he'll reshuffle the already finished one and add some new songs that perhaps are influenced by the current political situation but I definitely think he won't ignore it. Either way though, I do still wanna hear what he's been working on already. If somehow in a magical world he was to ever play Preacher's Daughter in my presence I think I'd die and go to heaven. Perhaps he'll do a single first influenced by the current events and then release the album later? Haha! Well all we can do is patiently wait......

Yeah him playing those songs really gives you faith it might be more possible and likely that you'll be able to hear it. Like all the Greetings and WIESS songs and also the addition of the Prove It with the '78 intro. Prove It still didn't get a ton of plays, but still it was surely played more than expected. The Darkness tour also has a ton of great quality recordings so that helps a lot as well! Haha oh yes I have realized it but it's fully deserving of the attention because it's stellar stuff. It has my vote the the decade with greatest vocals. I think that's incredible they played Racing on the Radio, it's a pretty long song for most radio stations to play but it makes me happy that they did and there'll be a lot of people who will be blown away, like you said. 

Hahahaha that's so true, it looks exactly like he's looking at it like a newborn baby. Such a great image to put on a shirt. And if you got 2 of them then feel free to send me a spare one! Haha no jk.

I like that comparison! Of course Elvis definitely had a ton of influence on him so I could see that type of vibe in the song. That's a good platform and way to share those gems! There was the Prodigal Son album on YouTube that had a ton of those outtakes all in one place but I think it got deleted. I'm sure you'd love that if you haven't already heard it. Other than the outtakes there's some cool slightly different versions of the songs that made the albums.

I know I'm interested to see what happens too! Long Walk Home is one that's already been making it on set lists that I was happy to see get attention! I'm not sure if that was one that got played solo before recently but I hope we'll see other songs with solo variations. You would be the luckiest person alive if you went to a show and got Preacher's Daughter haha. Make a sign for it! I recall reading somewhere a while back someone made a sign for Lonely Night in the Park at a show, and at one point Bruce went to him and was about to take it, and then stopped and kind of unsure said "Not tonight". I wish I could confirm for sure though!  Haha but yeah I sympathize with you, I want the new music just as badly! I also hope that at some point the album that was made in the 90s that was shelved will also be released at some point. 

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Prove It All Night. I think I need a '78 show now.

I recently sent a birthday gift to a friend; she's almost my age, and a mother of three; it was some CD-Rs I thought she'd like, and also I bought her a copy of Darkness On The Edge Of Town to include in the package; she's not exactly a Springsteen fan, I thought "if I turn her on to Darkness, maybe - and she needs to read the lyrics" so I bought a copy to add in there, and was kinda annoyed the lyrics in the new version were so small; I wanted, and want her to read them; some of them kind of explain in a way why I'm such a fanatic, you know?

Anyway I write her then (two days ago) and say I hope you're enjoying the CDs and recommended one, and she writes me back and says, about her youngest:

"If I can get Al to stop playing “Streets of Fire” and “Prove it All Night,” I’ll give it a listen. He’s hogging the CD player in the car! You’ve created another Springsteen fan. "


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23 minutes ago, CrushOnOutlawPete said:

I should be going to class but instead I'm standing here listening to Chaaaaain Lightning

We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school...:D

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