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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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backstreets from one of the met life shows

this is really the first I've seen of everyone this tour because I didn't periscope only did downloads

things look a little older but still awsome !!!

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1 hour ago, soulcrusader78 said:

I often go to you tube for like one song and then I'll be listening to a whole show going "but I have this on CD! what..." and I stick with it! ha ha

when you were a teenager did you ever go out driving and you'd be almost home but a great song was on the radio so you drove around the block to let it finish ?

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50 minutes ago, tie that bind said:

Any one think it may have been the guy in the blue T shirt`s first time love the look on his face  !seeing Bruce loose is magic!

Oh yeah, he's so into it. Fun guy to watch:D


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well, since the office at my apartment complex has been holding a Bruce CD set I've been waiting for forever that I should have had yesterday (and was not open even yesterday just after 2 - GRRRRR!)

I now am going back to a show I never finished, MetLife night 1

Because The Night

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