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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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Badlands from the 1978 San Francisco Winterland Arena concert. I remember listening to this FM simulcast knowing full well I would be walking into the Seattle Center Arena 5 nights later on December 20th 1978 to see the Boss for my third time.

3+ hours later that night he and the E street band were back out after most of the crowd had left singing Twist & Shout with his road crew (who had already started the take down of equipment) to just a few hundred of us. Then as my brother and I walked out to our car we glimpsed the madman run out the back of the arena slide across the loading dock right off the edge and onto the hood of an old beat up 56 Chevy. He drove right through the crowd unnoticed except to the dozen or so us who witnessed the maniac.

Best Rock & Roll show I've ever attended, every element was in play. Setlist from This One is for the Crazies

I'm anxiously awaiting the promise.

What a nice post - thank you for sharing :)

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Racing in the Street from The Promise.

Wow...I'm impressed! The original is much better, but this is cool too. I feel like the lyrics don't fit the music but that's probably just because I'm so used to the original. Love the vocals here.

EDIT: Now on Because the Night from The Promise. Geez....Bruce's lyrics are infinitely better. And where's my guitar solo? Did I miss something? :lol: Nice to have though, and proof that he did actually finish recording the song.

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