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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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On 10/25/2017 at 9:08 AM, truenorthstrongnfree said:

I revisited Highway Patrolman for the first time in a while this morning. Started out listening to Johnny 99 from the 1984 East Rutherford show, and decided to check it out again. But I wasn't in the mood for the sombre Nebraska version, I went for the slightly more upbeat Live in Dublin version from the Seeger Sessions tour.

I think it may be time to introduce the missus to The Indian Runner....


Viggo Mmmmmmmortensen :wub:

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4 hours ago, seadogscarb said:

Racing In the street from the Hyde park DVD -  every single time I hear this it brings goosebumps. 


Simply the best version of Racing I have heard, and the big man was there too!

To be brutally honest I never really got racing in the street until Hyde Park

I never understood the true magisty of the E Street band either 

I just never really listened to it or paid attention to it - always in a hurry to get to prove it is gues

That Hyde Park DVD is worth every cent just for racing (and seeds)


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Streets of Philadelphia 

Never been high on my play list but I had to get a new phone rather urgently after our car decided to play Isuzu vs Samsung 

So I'm splashing out on some data and u tubing on the way home

I'm very impressed with the bass on this galaxy 6 

It might be an older model but it's a billion times nicer to listen to than what I made so with with the piece of crap I had last week

Really good bass 

Isuzu did my ears a favor !

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