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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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Anyway, just finished listening to the second disc of Hammersmith '75! 

I liked it, but I doubt I'll listen to it very much in the future. In my opinion disc 1 is way, way better! 

Of course Jungleland is great, and I liked 1/4 to 3 as well, and the little piano solo in Kitty's Back was awesome!  


But I mean, disc 1 has Lost in the Flood... nothing can compete with that.

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As suddenly as a thunderbolt lights up the darkness of the night, as suddenly the Poet realizes, that to liberate you from You Shall and You Shall Not is to reach that place, where you are determined, not as before, by You in You Shall or in You Stall Not, but by you! This place is The Promised Land, where you decide what you shall and not shall. True to his insight he goes searching for The Promised Land. But he can not do this alone. He knows, that no one can win his or her freedom from You, if not all can win it. So once again is he standing outside the house of his Muse, this time asking her to join him for a journey on this thunder road, that goes from You Shall and You Shall Not and ends in The Promised Land, where you decide what you shall.

But for the Poet it is difficult to reach the Promised Land. It is for him a hard work, a struggle with him self, unsure as he is if not what he is creating really is what You Shall create, and soon it seems to be only a hard, never ending work; but them, after a long time he really reaches The Promised Land, namely when he, to his surprise, realizes, that the searching for The Promised Land  is The Promised Land, i. e. that your searching for you, is you!


But the Poet is forced to realize, that even that, what he has found, namely The Promised Land, is located in the World of You Shall. The Promised land was only found to be lost. But this time the Poet can not escape this World. He has tried to escape from You Shall into Eden, from You Shall Not into The Promised Land, but now he has found what he came for, now he shall stand firm and fight these Badlands of You Shall and You Shall Not. He shall regain The Promised Land.

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"The Rising" from the 2005 Columbus OH download last night - but also the rest of the show.  Never heard this tour before.  Couldn't go to London gigs cause of kids half-term holiday.  Jeez, still amazing discoveries to be had from this man.

Solo Bruce at his emotive best.  Answering himself using different volume levels ... (loud) Sky of Blackness (quieter) Dream of Life ... Great stuff.

Plus Reason To Believe, delivered like Good Eye on WOAD - distorted blues.That's power and anger, you Black Keys.

Downside?  Has he ever said fucking as much in any other shows?  And kept breaking the singing in Jesus Was to tell us the message of the song.  A curate's egg gig maybe.



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