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Which Bruce song are you listening to right now?

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Bring On The Night!:wub::wub::wub:

A very underrated song, somewhat 'hidden'  on Disc 1 and maybe also because it was -I think- a previously unheard song when Tracks was released, not a song allready known and famous from bootlegs (at least I think so, but is this true?)

And again, classic ESB.


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3 minutes ago, newcastle roy said:


I half expected,  hoped for, that reply 

Hello Sunshine - When I see the title however hard I try to stop it all I can see is Morecambe and Wise singing Bring me Sunshine

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Don’t have a pukkka CD player in the house, so haven’t been able to listen the the hardback DArkness special anniversary edition Promise CDs - well I can only find disc two, think the other must be in my last sold car:unsure:.

anyway, been playing disc two in the car for the last week and just found out the name of the hidden track- being a non verified fan, this can be expected.

absolutely adore this track- especially the tone of voice suits the lyrics so well.


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