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Super Bowl Setlist Odds

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What songs get played in the setlist? From the palatial Cornfield Casino is downtown Churubusco, IN, Paulie the oddsmaker has set the odds thusly:

Born to Run - Even money
Born in the USA: 3 - 1
The Rising: 3 - 1
Working on a Dream: 3-1
Glory Days: 5-1
My Lucky Day: 8-1
Dancing in the Dark: 5 -1
Medley of truncated Bruce hits: 8 - 1
Promised Land: 10 - 1
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out: 10-1
Radio Nowhere: 10-1
Hungry Heart: 12-1
Detroit Medley: 15 - 1
Pink Cadillac: 15-1 (**Paulie's Dark Horse Tout**)
Living in the Future: 20-1
Thunder Road: 20-1
Badlands: 20-1
Cadillac Ranch: 20 - 1
Rosalita: 20-1
Cover Me: 20-1
Tunnel of Love: 30-1
Brilliant Disguise: 30-1
Reason to Believe: 35-1
Spirit in the Night: 35-1
Blinded by the Light: 50-1
No Surrender: 50-1
A Night with the Jersey Devil: 50-1
A Good Man Is Hard to Find (Pittsburgh): 100-1
Greasy Lake-pleasing rarity: Fuhgeddaboutit - strictly entertainment on Sunday.

Care to improve on Paulie's odds? Set some new odds below...

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Surely we're all agreed by now:

Tenth Ave Freeze Out
Working On A Dream
Born To Run
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I'm not trying to start a political argument - that belongs in another section. I just hope to hell he doesn't do any more political posturing. This is not the place and his guy won!

As a longtime fan, I will be embarrassed if he tries Working On A Dream!

He would serve himself much better to stick to the tried and true BTR, Badlands, Hungry Heart.
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I think he will have to gear it to the crowd.

Yeah he has tour favorites but are they what American's know?
<Not everyone knows that BITUSA is a protest song... had to clue a guy in over Christmas break.>

My money is on the tunes that he gets royalties on from musak and ringtones and classic rock stations.

There will be a Clarence bit because that makes the bands sound.

Last thought is it would be a chance to play WOAD....
can't see how he can bring that out on tour and listen to 15-30,000 people whistling a beat behind him.
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QUOTE (jrock @ Jan 28 2009, 12:10 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
put a fortune on Tenth Avenue

Smart money I think wink.gif

I am guessing

Tenth Ave
Glory Days

In a recent interview, Nils mentioned he wouldn't be shocked if Bruce calls an audible laugh.gif

I am not sure, but doubt Bruce will pass one of his recognizeable hits to sing a new song virtually no one will have heard before Sunday
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open with it and let it roar at millions...
but he won't. I don't think.

Tenth Ave to open is a drop-dead cert for me. Horns 'n' all...
Gotta finish with BTR so...
the new one is in the middle.
I'd prefer Lucky Day but WOAD is the message from the camp...
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This AM on "MIke & MIke" on ESPN radio, they said BITUSA was the even money favorite, followed by GD w/ BTR in thrid.

I gotta call a bookie and toss some cash down on BTR. wink.gif

And the correct answer for the setlist is:

Glory Days or Badlands
My Lucky Day
Born to Run

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