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6 hours ago, whispered secret said:

Neither thank you!

i have been punished enough for above comment 

its going to take 3 years to get over

lucky with Bruce, we are all on the same side

oddly the sun has still come up this morning 

how about something completly different

camelias or rhododenrons ?

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10 hours ago, BrilliantDisguise said:

1978 :D

Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee

....iced chocolate :lol:

there is this place down the road in Bulls called coffee on the mooooove (everything is bull or cow themed)

but it is so delicouse 

actually a nd the iced coffee is devine 


pumpkin spice shot




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i wounder what a toasted tea cake is ?

we made cinomom tea cake at school and you cut it into wedges and buttered it 

crumpets are so yummy 

now lights on or off ....

well i have 2 bags of lollies for tonight

but its not a big thing here

with Gary's eye problems at night we have the light on by the front door and navigate by the light from the tv so i guess that's lights on 

soft lollies (sweets/candy) or hard ?

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1 hour ago, Jimmy James said:


Sunflower Seeds or Pumpkin Seeds

must have good teeth :P

since my last visit to the dentist to get my two top front teeth rebuild im really careful - i don't even eat corn on the cob any more :(

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