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I do love cherries but im a bit weary after i had an allergic reaction to black forest cake - my lips swelled up like savaloys for about 12 hours - i looked like i had had some sort of cosmetic procedure that had gone wrong 

What are you allergic to ?

Opps wrong thread :lol:

I mean black forest cake or Victoria sponge cake ?

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On 8/18/2020 at 5:29 AM, Eileen said:


Countryside or beach holiday/day out?

as i live quite close to the beach and im one street from the countryside can i say the big smoke

just for a day

when its safe

and like it used to be 

when the worst thing that can happen is a bit of food poisioning from a dodgy custard square 

beer or wine ?


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what kind of nuts

cashews definatly

peanuts not so much unless they are choclate coated

almonds - no way ! very bad for the enviroment being grown in an area where drought is too often

i kinda like pretzels but we don't have the selection here for me to be a conisour

i like pistatoes but they are a pain to get out of the shell

i love macadamias

can you get choolate covered pretzels for a more fair comparison ?

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